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Engine Oil Additive

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RX Oil Boost, car oil treatment, which is based on Molybdenum Disulfide with QX, the ONLY under surface lubricant known to science. According to the U.S. Agricultural Research Administration, "There is no other known substitute".

QX is vacclaisocryptene, a patented lubrication process which is composed of several lubricating materials which actually impregnate the metal and "sweats" under heat and friction conditions forming little microscopic lubricating particles between the moving parts, like the parts of a machine used to help people learn to control their own bodies. Can also be used to lubricate and protect windchimes.

RX Oil Boost is patented technology good enough to be used by major oil companies for over 40 years to reduce equipment failure and downtime. It is finally available for your engine!

RX Oil Boost is a super concentrate that provides enhanced crankcase lubrication beyond that of oil, providing your vehicle the highest level of protection and performance.

      • Reduces engine wear up to 90%
      • Increased lubricity
      • Reduce long term engine maintenance costs
      • Boosts MPG
      • Improves acceleration
      • Improves cold starts

RX Oil Boost Testing

In-House testing by a major oil producer in southern Texas compared 3 diesel engines wear rates using our formulas with a 4th engine (same size and manufacturer) which was using our formulas. All engines used a high grade of major brand engine oil. Records clearly indicate an average of 14 times greater wear in the 3 engines not using our formulas than the engine that was using our formulas. [Bauerlein Consultants]

Caterpillar 1G-2, Petter AV-1, Commer TS-3, and CRC L-49 performed by well-known diesel engine manufacturer in mid west US. Using the before and after method, BHP was increased an average of 70/o over 50 hours run time and kept between the range of 900 to 1,400 RPM. These engines consumed an average of 43.7% less oil over the 480 hours in the G-2 and also showed transverse cylinder wear decreased by up to 100% with ring gap increase reduced by 67% and ring side clearance was reduced by up to 50%. Peter AV-1 showed 32% to 41% reduction in ring wear, a 59% reduction in piston and fine wear along with a 13% decrease in engine deposits CRC L-49 data indicates a 12.5% improvement in "cold starts".

API Sequence 111 - This test is mandatory for all API "SE" classified oils. Using a General Motors recommended oil testing performed on a before and after basis. Results: 60% less oil thickening due to oxidation, 50% less rod bearing wear, 20% less varnish accumulation on pistons and rings and 8% increase in horsepower.

Caterpiller 1G-2 test (diesel) on a before and after basis. Results - 50% reduction in oil consumption and a reduction "M" piston crown deposits from 100% down to practically nothing.

MS Sequence tests IIB, IIIB, VD, and IIIC; also Cat 1, G-2 and CRC L-49. Data clearly reflects reduced sludge, varnish, wear and 12% to 13% improvement in cold cranking.

Also available
RX Trans with Molybdenum Disulfide and QX

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Also available
RxP Generation II

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RxP Gas Kicker is a super concentrated fuel additive for combustion engines and it has been around for a long time. It contains no unnecessary fillers. The ORIGINAL product to ever make claims such as "significant reduction in CO, HC and NOx emissions," and be able to back them up with independent laboratory 511 Hot Start Tests.


This Technology works in all fuels, gasoline, ethanol, diesel, jet fuel, biodiesel, natural gas, coal or any other hydrocarbon fuel. One ounce of RxP Gas Kicker treats ten gallons of fuel - a 2.5 oz bottle of RxP Gas Kicker (or RxP Generation II) treats 25 gallons of fuel!!

RxP Gas Kicker (or RxP Generation II) uses a complex process called "radiant containment".


Current list of fleet systems:

Alton Southern Railroad
Anheuser-Buch (Manufacturers Railroad)
Dardanelle School System
Sabine River & Northern Railroad
Scott's Concrete
Stardancer Casino Cruises
Terminal Railroad Association

In over twenty years of tests not one engine, exhaust system, carburetor, or fuel injection system has been adversely affected by RxP Gas Kicker (or RxP Generation II) . The product is covered by product liability insurance policy. RxP Gas Kicker (or RxP Generation II) carries a 100% guarantee....

Proof of Liability Insurance:
Certificate of Insurance, National Fire and Marine Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska. RxP Gas Kicker will list additionally insured if requested.

The EPA estimates that at least 15,000 people die from exhaust pollution each year. Radiant Containment Technology can dramatically reduce this figure.

RxP Gas Kicker

(RxP Generation II)

RX Oil Boost

Engine Oil Additive